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March 10, 2008


Ron Dimon

Oh, and don't forget to read our article on this topic at

Ade McCormack

I agree that we need to include business literacy as well as IT literacy. Just in case there is any ambiguity I believe both competencies should be critical to both users/managers and technologists. I am all in favour of rationalising the IT departments activities such that they are fully traceable back to the strategic imperatives. I would also look to rationalise with risk and cost in mind as well, so that all parties are comfortable about what IT is expected to deliver. I discuss this in my book, The IT Value Stack (

Ron Dimon

Thanks Ade, I still have a "to do" to get your book. Looking forward to it.

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Interesting article. Stumbled upon your site and enjoyed reading some of your blog posts. Well done!

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