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April 24, 2009


Simon Tucker

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That's awesome. I'm so glad you started blogging and that I can call you my friend. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.

Serena Zuckerman

If a company procures a variety of IT assets from a variety of vendors and for a variety of sites that are spread out across a vast region (all of Europe), does it make sense to contract with multiple vendors to service those assets or would a single help desk company work just as well? Saw this as part of other services but wasn’t sure that it was the best way to given that each might need its own special form of service.

Candice Witz

Is there a software package that offers the ability to help large multinational corporations track all the services that are done to each IT asset (break/fix, IMACs, etc.) if those assets are scattered across a number of sites across the world? I found a service company that can do it but was looking for software packages or even licensing software with that kind of capability.

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